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My passion is to create practical, 

memorable pieces using colour,

authenticity & love 

I salvage, repurpose and resurrect furniture and wood by giving it a face lift.


Growing up on the Canadian prairies I spent my childhood in my Grandpa’s woodworking shop. As a child I would sit on his stool and wait with anticipation for him to ask me to hammer a nail into something.

courtney winstone
upcycled mirror

There are no two identical items. My collection is constantly being added to. I offer larger items of furniture to glassware, whatever I see that I like and would like to pass on. I endeavour to make each piece beautiful and function where possible.

It feels like so much love, care and attention went into it. It so exceeded my expectations in every way! - Laura C

My Creations

upcycled sideboard

Shabby to Chic

in just 4 weeks

Do you fancy upcycling an item of furniture but just too scared to make a mistake on it or don’t know where to begin? Maybe you believe you don’t have the time or the space but actually really want to have a go? Why not join me to learn about prepping, which products are available, see face to face, practical demos via Zoom where you can ask questions, and
see results straight away.

I’d love to discover your creative edge and make some mistakes with you.

upcycled sideboard
upcycling a cabinet

Bravely make mistakes and learn a new skill – Upcycle an item of furniture with me…and chill.

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