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One of my favourite chairs to work on as the transformation was so epic!

I sanded back this chair, fixed the chair frame and upholstered using Harlequin Postelia fabric. The pattern has been matched between the inside back and the seat. 

Val is my favourite client to work with. I have upholstered four chairs for her and we are currently working on a fifth.

Val and I have VERY similar tastes in fabrics, patterns and colours. When choosing we start with Sanderson Group, Harlequin and Clarke & Clarke because these often fulfil her brief. Working with clients like Val is what makes my day.


Lindsey loved her solid oak dining room set but to replace it would have been £1000s but it needed a lift and modernising after 15 years of children's grubby hands.

I painted the chairs to match her woodwork in the dining room and reupholstered the seats with fabric that tied into her living room. The white seats elevated the colour in the fabric and helped to break up the heavy 'oak' look to the suite. 

Roz wanted a statement piece for her newly decorated living room.

We chose Osborne & Little Reef and Ripple fabrics. She tells me it's her favourite chair to enjoy her morning coffee in. 


Karen had this 1960s chair from her mother that needed a facelift. 

She saw my instagram post about Val's chairs above and fell in love with this Clarke & Clarke Passiflora fabric. The chair was small and the fabric had a large repeat but by working together we chose the best elements of the pattern for each section of the chair. 

Billie Chair2.jpg

Billie's mom rescued this chair from a bonfire in the 70s. Upon finding it in storage she pulled it out to be refurbed because she loved the shape so much.

"Courtney took an unloved chair that had been languishing in a shed for decades, had barely escaped a bonfire, and turned it into a thing of beauty. She brought out the natural colour and grain of the wood and upholstered it perfectly. Such an amazing transformation and a lovely addition to our home." - Billie P.

Billie Chair3.jpg

I made this business logo stamp for my friend Laura when she was founding Be. Modern Meditation

"I was absolutely blown away by the attention to detail and precision of my business logo stamp. It feels like so much love, care and attention went into it. It so exceeded my expectations in every way!" - Laura C.

Can I make you a stamp?

I can mount a stamp onto a handle made from scraps of oak and other wood which finish the stamp off nicely and quite practical when using the stamp.'

Be Stamp3.jpg
Be Stamp5.jpg

Charlie needed Point of Sale stands for his BBQ sauces, rubs and accessories. He wanted an American, rustic feel to them.

"I was looking to brighten up our BBQ showroom and wanted to make our Point of Sale more fun rather than just using the standard dull shop fittings. After looking at some of Courtney’s pieces I realised that some bespoke fittings would not only look great but they’d also be surprisingly cost effective! Courtney guided me through the design process and took my ideas and turned them into reality. The result has been beyond my expectation and the attention to detail is something that just couldn’t have been achieved in any other way. I highly recommend Courtney’s business, it's not just the finished product it's the journey from start to finish that’s so exceptional and unique." - Charles R.

Jill Bookcase2.jpg

Jill purchased this bookcase before giving birth to her first child. Now on child 4 she wanted to resurrect and update the look.

"You're a bloody genius, I love it!" 

- Jill H-J

Jill Bookcase4.jpg
Jill Bday Quote1.jpg

Jill asked me to recreate this quote to give as a birthday gift. We tweaked it somewhat to make it more personal.

Would you like something Pyrographed?

I have created personalised quotes for people to hang on their walls. Inspirational key chains and even a leaving gift for a teacher of all the nursery student’s signatures. Is there a quote you would like burned into wood?


Pippa trusted me enough at the beginning of my upholstery career to allow me to strip back, varnish and reupholster her chair.

Pippa Chair1.jpg
Pippa Chair4.jpg

Have you got a piece of furniture you would like to bring to life?

I would love to work with you to create a functional, beautiful, unique item that you can admire for years. 

Alissa Sideboard1.jpg
Alissa Sideboard6.jpg
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