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What To Do with Unwanted Furniture 


As much as I would love to rescue every piece of furniture, I do not have the space. But do not despair, there are places who will take unwanted items and there are things that can be done with them before taking them to the tip. 


Pass it on

Friends, family, neighbours, freecycling websites, kids off to uni, expanding families and people upsizing homes; there’s often someone who will want/ can use your items.

Donate to a charity

Do check with the charity beforehand to make sure they are currently accepting, what items they accept, whether they collect (sometimes for a small fee), etc.

Sell online

To get an idea of best price to list it at, see what’s already being sold on other websites (and how long that particular item has been listed to see whether it’s actually selling at that price). At the end of the day, it’s better to be realistic on price and get some money for it and have the piece gone, than to hold out for the best price. People want the sale to be easy so please take your time on the post. List all dimensions/sizes/ details even if you don’t think they are relevant, take pictures with the light shining on the item and not behind it, take loads of pictures especially if something may have a blemish. Be safe and smart when letting other people into your home.

Go to a car boot sale

Always a fun day out and you may make some money. Smaller items tend to sell easier at these and choose the location to match the clientele to what you are selling.


If your item of furniture is really not reusable and absolutely no one wants it then please recycle it in any way you can – break the item into its component parts and take each component to Waste Recycling Centres. Metal can and will be recycled through both the tip and H&S Metals, plastic or wood can be burned for energy if your council have this service. It's better than the entire item going into landfill.

The list below are Hampshire focused places and online resources where you can upcycle, recycle, reuse and pass on your unwanted items. This is not an exhaustive list but will give you a good starting point.


Upcycle Furniture

Scratch Charity

Search for local community schemes in your area


Take furniture

Red Cross

Rowans Hospice

British Heart Foundation      

Hampshire Household Waste Recycling Centre


Sue Ryder

Hub 4 Stuff

Reef Environmental

Sell furniture online

Pre Loved

Facebook Marketplace

Next Door

Gum Tree


I Love Freegle


Reuse Network

Naomi House

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