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Bravely make mistakes and learn a new skill,

upcycle an item of furniture with me and...chill.

This course has ended but if you are interested in learning with me face to face, drop me an email.

Don’t know where to begin your upcycle or what materials to use? Go from feeling scared to make a mistake to relaxing with me with a supportive experience. You paint your own piece of furniture with practical advice from me to boost your confidence and skills on future projects.

Why would you want to upcycle

an item of furniture?


You’ve always wanted to try your hand at upcycling but just didn’t know where to start P.S. Now’s your chance


It’s granny’s heirloom that you just can’t part with…but it does not work with your decor


You don’t want to spend any more money on new furniture


You want the satisfaction of creating something by your own fair hand

You cannot find anything unique in the shops because everything looks the same


You’re sick of looking at a piece of furniture and want to change it but don’t want to spend the big bucks

A piece of furniture has significant value to you but needs a facelift


You are conscientious about the environment and save items from going to landfill

In 7 steps together we will cover:


     Prepping the item

Paint prepping




      Planning the piece and your work space 

How it Works

Week 1 and 2 are allocated to Planning which includes preparing your space, choosing paints and finishes, finding tools and materials.

Week 3 is allocated to Prepping the item, Sanding and Paint Prepping.

Week 4 is allocated to Painting, Distressing and Finishing.

Note: The last 2 weeks can be intensive and time consuming depending which item of furniture you choose.

No upcoming events at the moment


The Upcycle Lab

For closet creatives who want to improve their skills, please join me, Courtney Winstone, in my workshop to experience upcycling an item of furniture with support and guidance. 

The benefits

  • Supportive Hands on Experience
    Kinesthetic learning ‘enables a more effective understanding and retention of information. Learn more about kinesthetic learning With support and motivation from myself and the group you will hone your skills for life.
  • Interactive Live Demos with Access for 1 Year
    This will enable you to ask loads of questions and rewatch any videos while you upcycle more furniture.
  • Resources and Guidance in Decision Making
    Not sure which product to use? Don’t know where to begin or what colour to choose? Too scared to make a mistake. I’ve been there, all your questions can be addressed as we are face to face and doing it together.
  • Links to Resources and Products
    Firstly we will go through what materials and products you already own and see if any can be used in this project. If not then guidance from me with which products and where to purchase them.

Is It Right for You?

If so then join me and together we will celebrate our mistakes, learn lessons along the way,
experience a new craft and hone our skills for future projects.


Do you have an item to



Does your work space have good internet connection? 


Are you willing to set aside the time

for some Creativity


Can you carve out a space in

your home for 2 weeks?


Do you need motivation to get

you started?


Would you like to face your

fears and still do it?

BEspoke Packages available from   250 



6 people

Prep Support

10 days

Intensive painting

10 days

Finished article


Begins on

Friday for

4 weeks

We start on a Friday with an individual video chat where I’ll take you through colours, products, furniture and space preparation.  You then have 2 weeks for you to Plan and either purchase, find or borrow any items needed. 

On the Monday of the third week we begin the schedule listed below. Throughout the entire 4 weeks you will receive full support from me with live demonstrations for each of the 6 elements below. Including with these are Q&A and scheduled live group support. Depending on the item of furniture you choose to upcycle you may not need to be on every live demo but you can choose to be, to gain more knowledge.


Practical elements start on a Monday with up to two hour, live demos. beginning at 9:30am each day and running for two weeks  

Monday - Prepping Live Demo

Mon and Tues - your time to prep the item and have it ready for sanding

Wednesday Sanding Live Demo

Wed and Thurs - your time to sand back the item, if this is required

Friday - Paint Prep Live Demo

Fri, Sat and Sun - your time to do all the paint prepping, if this is required

Monday - Painting Live Demo

Mon and Tues - your time to paint as many coats and colours as you’ve chosen


Wednesday- Distressing Live Demo

Wed and Thurs - your time to distress your piece if you so choose

Friday - Finishing Live Demo

Fri, Sat and Sun - your time to finish off your item, clear up your workspace, take pictures and share with the world!

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Why choose to join me?

Hi, I’m Courtney and I upcycle and resurrect furniture for the love of it. Whatever I don’t know I teach myself and if I can’t teach myself I seek out others who can. I spent a lot of my earlier years in life in both my Grandpa’s woodworking shops. Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada (as my husband affectionately calls it ‘the middle of nowhere’) you learn to make do with what you have to hand and are constantly fixing things.

I took Industrial Arts in high school where I learned how to draw basic architectural drawings, turn a lathe, strip back and fix broken furniture and generally use all the power tools. I was a project manager and event coordinator for many years and I’m very good at resourcing what I need and solving problems.

Prior to selling any furniture I gave myself 2 years to make mistakes and learn from them.


I like to see things saved from going to landfill, I like resurrecting treasured pieces and generally love the story behind a piece of furniture; thinking about who’s hands it’s passed through and what time periods it’s lived in. I love what I do.  

Today I have a little ‘shop’ in my garden and although I don’t have all the big power tools I can mend quite a few items and I can definitely give them a new lick of paint and make them beautiful again.

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 13.38.53.png

Here are what other customers have said about my work

Charlie R.

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 13.38.53.png

"I was absolutely blown away by the attention to detail and precision of my business logo stamp. It feels like so much love, care and attention went into it. It so exceeded my expectations in every way!"

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 13.38.53.png

"I highly recommend Courtney’s business, it’s not just the finished product it’s the journey from start to finish that’s so exceptional and unique."

Laura C.

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 13.38.53.png

"You're a bloody genius, I love it!"

Jill H-J.


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