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What is Pyrography

Pyrography means writing with fire. I use a Peter Child Pyrography Machine to burn wood to create images on wall hangings, paper weights, toy boxes etc. Anything with an unfinished wooden surface can be burned onto. 


When I pyrograph a piece of wood I prep it by sanding or planing it so it is smooth. Then I layout the spacing of the lettering and images. This is sometimes done by hand or computer on a paper template and then transferred to the wood via carbon paper or at other times directly onto the wood surface. I then burn the wood using the pyrography pen being careful not to smudge the pencil marks.


There are different types of pen nibs ranging from a standard loop which is used for finer details to coiled points which is used to for thicker writing and to fill in larger spaces. You can make your own nibs in whatever shape you want but I have yet to attempt that!


Would you like something Pyrographed?

I have created personalised quotes for people to hang on their walls. Inspirational key chains and even a leaving gift for a teacher of all the nursery student’s signatures. Is there a quote you would like burned into wood?

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