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What is Rock Art?

To me Rock Art is a meditative process of foraging for rocks and stones, bits of wood like drift wood or broken branches and then creating flowers or shapes on a backdrop. 


I prefer to use barn board and I am fortunate enough to have been able to bring some over from my home town in Saskatchewan, Canada. With the harsh, cold winters sometimes getting down to -50°C and the hot summers which can get up to +30°C, the old wooden grain stores standing dormant have the most amazing patterns in the wood, as you can see in the images.


Currently I am not selling these through my website because I believe they are too fragile to post. If you would like to purchase any please contact me directly.

The Process

I'm not sure which element of creating Rock Art I love the most. There's the walking and wandering through nature; trees, streams; oceans, roads and beaches.  Then there's when I'm sat at my architectural table with all the rocks laid before me and I get to immerse myself in trying different permutations. Which rocks look the best together? Should I categorise the rocks into colours or size or both? Do I mix smooth rocks with sharp edged ones? 


I prefer to make flowers with my art so I need something for the stem of the flower. Does a stick work or maybe tearing apart a bit of hemp rope for a softer effect? I sometimes 'branch off' and create geometric shapes with my artwork. Either way, I end up loving each creation and find it difficult to sell any of them because they all mean something to me and remind me of a place in time

Your Rocks

I have yet to have the opportunity to create something with someone else's rocks. If you are a forager and have a hoard of rocks that currently sit in a drawer and you would love to be able to see them around your home then please get in touch.

Rock Art
Rock Art
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