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Since September 2018 I have been taking community college evening classes and have come to know that learning all there is to know about upholstery is no mean feat!  When you only get 2 hours per week with your instructor, and you have to share him with others in the class, it does not get you very far very fast.  


I love every minute of it though. It makes me satisfied and very happy sitting on a chair I have just reupholstered. I also have a slight obsession with fabric, I have drawers full of it. I’m fascinated by how different fabrics give a different feel to a piece of furniture.

The Process

Every piece of furniture is slightly different to reupholster depending on the period, the furniture maker, the country it was produced in, which material you choose, etc. Does it have foam or springs? Material or leather? Hand stitch or back tacking? The options are endless and so exciting.

Classes have resumed and I am more confident to complete projects on my own so if you have an item you'd like upholstered please contact me.

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