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Faye Benjamin Jewellery - Jo Richards

About me

Like most of us these days, I am mindful of my place in the world and the impact I make on the environment. I am proud to use Silver Clay - a product made from recycled silver which, once fired, can be Hallmarked as 999 Fine Silver.  Where possible I source my materials in the UK; use eco packaging; and minimise my plastic usage.

It is important to me that my jewellery is not only unique and beautiful, but impeccably made; an enduring piece of wearable art that can be treasured and enjoyed for years to come.

I will be doing mini demos throughout the market. Come and see how it works!

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Intuitive Artist - Hannah Marie

Intuitive Art Workshop


As Christmas is all about spending time with our loved ones, let’s explore the theme of ‘love’ through guided art exercises. Intuitive art allows us to release stress and calm the mind. 


This will be a safe space to tap into your creativity and create art based on your feelings and personal reflections of love. 


You will be guided through mindful art exercises which can benefit our mental health. This process helps us to let go of our worries and find clarity again.

Come with an open heart and mind. 

Everyone is creative, you may be surprised at what you create!

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About me


I am an Artist & creativity Mentor. I am deeply passionate about using art as a tool to support our mental wellbeing.


Since picking up a paintbrush at the age of 4, I've always been highly creative. I struggled with words, so found that painting was a way for me to capture my emotions, and also made me feel happier.


I believe that creative living is key to our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.  And that when we are creative we are happier, healthier and feel more free in ourselves and our lives. My vision is to help people connect with their intuition through art, so they can experience inner peace, and feel confident in their own skin.

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Examples of other's creations

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Velvet Rose - Marsha Swanzy

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About me

I achieved a first class honours degree in Fashion Design at the University of Westminster (Harrow). 


My designs are one off, totally unique and often once treasured vintage garments with sordid histories. They have been relined, reshaped, repaired and brought back to life as cashmere snoods, and hand warmers and beautiful lamp shades.

Website: marshaswanzy.com/

Instagram: velvetrosewhitchurch

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Velvetrosebymarsha


Unbound - Sarah Austin

About us

Unbound speaks to the seekers, the life chasers, the dream makers – those happiest dancing through life.


Inspired by travel, dreamtime and vision, Unbound was born out of a desire for us to collectively create, invent and experiment with design through the process of our own unlimited artistic expressions.

We source our gems, jewels, crystals and repurposed metals from small artisan manufacturers in India. Our jewellery is consciously crafted with longevity in mind. We are guided by the wisdom found in the natural world, coupled with a clear vision to reuse, repurpose and breathe new life into old stories. To this end, we are taking small, considered steps towards establishing a vision and community that is the antithesis of throw-away.

Both ageless and genderless, our creations are adored by fresh-faced influencers, fashion followers, vintage style gurus, and free spirits from every walk of life.


We are “UNBOUND”: timeless, ageless hand-made pieces of jewellery for stylish souls.

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Bloomin' Clares - Clare Carter

About me


In a nutshell I love everything floral. I believe in creating bespoke designs that are unique and personal to you, using only the freshest seasonal flowers from local growers to further afield.

My main aim is to bring you joy through their beauty, meaning, quality and provenance. 

I use my knowledge of all things floral to create natural and authentic designs that speak to you through their beauty.  I am so passionate about the joy that flowers bring.

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Wreath Workshop

Want to get into that festive feeling and create your very own luxury Christmas Door Wreath - full of all the scents and textures of the Season? 


Join me and I will provide the tools, tuition and materials including a variety of foliage, accessories, dried elements and fresh ?? along with beautiful ribbon. 

Take 2 hours out of your festive preparations to learn to craft your own wreath. 

With care instructions to take away, your wreath will look fabulous throughout the festive season. 

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Nature's Wish - Amy Murphy-Watts

About me

I began making essences in 2010. I was already trained as a Bach Flower Therapist, but with a background in Fine Art I am always keen to make things, and so I began to create essences.


Our purpose is to spread the word about essences and their ability to help to restore balance to our busy lives. When we allow ourselves to just be, we enable our natural energy to flow, our stress levels to drop and our mind to quieten. When our true selves emerge, we give space for us to be the best that we can be, and to find our life purpose.

Our award winning skin care and aromatherapy essence products contain natural, plant-based ingredients. We also use organic ingredients where possible.

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Dowsing Workshop

Create your own personal essence blend, supporting your emotional health through Christmas.

Learn to dowse and select your own essences, combining them into your personal remedy dropper bottle for you to take home and use. This is time for you and your personal wellbeing.


Dowsing Crystals are available to purchase.


Workshop will include refreshments, written material, and your essence blend.

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The Salvaged Woodshop - Courtney Winstone


You're on my website, have a stroll through!